Thursday, May 21, 2009

Another bike sold!

I sold my "new" Red/White Trek 1200. It was just way too big for me at 60cm. The guy I sold it to was a total ASS and wanted to lowball me at $420 when I was pretty firm on $500. I managed to bring him up to $450. That was still great because I originally bought the bike for $340. He also had a fleet of bikes in his garage that he was selling. A Jamis Ventura caught my eye and I offered an equal trade. But he was asking $595 for the bike and wanted me to pay an extra $80. The bike was in new condition but its MSRP is $610. But I would might as well buy the newer version of the bike for a little more. But no...the Jamis was not my ideal bike.

Now I am without a bike!

Monday, May 18, 2009


So I have not been cycling around in a while. School is taking a toll, but I am almost done for the semester. SAD NEWS! I sold my Bianchi! I really liked the bike, but I was looking for a more modernized bike. I wanted to pick up a single speed bike, but maybe in a couple months.

So GOOD NEWS! I picked up a 2001 Trek 1200. So far so good. I though the Sora derailleurs were gonna be POS, but the original owner really had this bike nicely tuned. The Sora shifters are flawless for now. I do plan on changing them to Ultegras. But I am happy with the purchase plus I got a GREAT deal. Lets just say I made a good profit from selling my Bianchi and buying this one.