Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Back in Rohnert Park!

I came back to the apartment in Rohnert Park. I had the whole car full of stuff because I will be leaving for Carmel tomorrow for a week. I unloaded all my stuff in a a hurry because I just wanted to ride again! I suited up and just road until the sun came down.

11.3 MILES according to bike computer

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Out with the cousins!

Another bike ride with my cousins NesJ, Xavier, and Rizal. I had my real bike this time. So far so good until Riz hit his handlebars on a pole at a fast speed. He flew off his bike and got some road rash. He was a sport and finished the whole run without nagging us to go home.

7.6 MILES according to my bike computer

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Monday, August 10, 2009

Ride with the BRO!!!

So my brother Alan and I went for a ride around Vallejo. He was going to run after work but I told him to come over and bike since I got the new bike for him to ride. He was able to keep up most of the way.

8.5 MILES on bike computer

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Biking with the cousins...

I brought my dads old road bike to my cousins house. We ended up going on a short ride around the area.


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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Another bike!

Centurion Accordo

This bike is cool and seems like the previous owner put a lot of miles on it. I quickly replaced the:
- seat
-front tube

I think the pedals with the straps are a must for any road bike. The original grip was just nasty. I just need to find replacement hoods for the Shimano STI.

Wow...after a whole month...

First time biking in a while. I felt good except for coming up benicia road hill by SPSV. Maybe I will go out again this week. WooHoo!!

24 MILE according to bike computer

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