Friday, August 21, 2009

Ride with Venerie!

My great friend Venerie came down from Davis for the weekend. We decided to make a final bike trip before summer ends for me. I thought we were just gonna bike to Benicia. WRONG! We added about 10 miles to our ride.

The ride was very nice due to the warmer weather. I was used to riding in foggy and colder weather. Next time, I think we could go 40 miles if we had more road to bike on.

28 Miles on bike computer

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Sunday, August 16, 2009

PG-Monterey-Sand City-Marina-Moss Landing

I woke up early to drop off Marcus and start my bike ride. Funny thing happened when I dropped off Marcus. I was driving towards HWY1 on Ocean Ave. Marcus suddenly opens the car door and starts throwing up. Eww.. He said his meds make him do that when he takes it on an empty stomach.

Anyways, I parked my car on Pacific street and suited up. I started biking towards PG. I ended up turning around by Cannery Row because I just wanted to get my trip started. I had a easy time biking to Marina. Once I got to Castroville, I felt my legs starting to get cold. It was just overcast and cold! I biked through the slums of Castrville and got the country road in between Castroville and Moss Landing.

The only boring part was in between Moss Landing and Marina. Other than that, it was a great ride. I just wish the sun came out.

46 MILES on bike computer

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