Saturday, November 26, 2011

Post Turkey Day Ride

Thanksgiving sure got to me this year.  I was off my bike for 2 weeks in November because of vacation and letting the legs rest.  I really wanted to make this a big ride, but going through the hills in Pebble Beach got to me.  I was riding up an over one hill and I just felt like passing out.  Ok... I could have been pushing too hard, but I always push hard up that same hill.  I think I just needed a warmup ride before I do something big.

So I just ended up riding to Pacific Grove and back.  I stopped along the way to take some pics.  I can't believe the weather is holding up into December.  There were many cyclists riding the opposite direction I was riding.

Da rock in PG.

A little hazy but the sun brought the warmth.

Looking onto Asilomar Beach-where all the shark attacks happen.

View of Pt. Lobos from Carmel

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Hour ride

Time to get the legs warm!  I like riding this route because of the open bike lanes.  I just feel good today...

The Al Zampa Bridge