Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday Ride to Monterey-Sand City-Lover's Point

This was my first long ride around here in Carmel/Monterey. I have always wanted to utilize all the bike paths around here. It is a very bike friendly area. Noone cut in front of me or zoomed my next to me. The only bad thing about biking around here are the BIG HILLS! Going to Monterey, I was just FLYING down to Monterey. It was a bit scary because there are a lot of tree stumps poking out of the cement. I probably hit my fastest speed in my life going down the hill parallel to HWY 1.

The overall ride was very scenic. The bike paths are right next to the bay. There are a bunch of tourists at some places, but they stuck to the side of the pathway. I plan to add a couple more miles next time I go out. I thought I would hit at least 30 miles. I will probably try to bike to REI or Walmart in Marina next time. ADIOS!


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