Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Vallejo-Benicia-Fairfield Loop: INCOMPLETE!!

Well I tried the loop for the first time today. From Valleojo to Benicia was pretty easy. When I hit the end of military road, I kinda did not know where to go. I found Park st. that took me around to Industrial way. That was pretty fun because that road was mostly downhill. I hit 35 MPH on that road. I kept biking to the Cordelia area. OH MY GOD...Between Benicia and Cordelia is like biking in the desert with high winds. You are not able to maintain a steady speed because the gusts of wind are so strong. By the home stretch on the west side of the freeway, I was stuck around 10MPH because the winds were strong. You exert so much energy and you aren't even going that fast. I was running out of energy when I go to Rodriguez high school. I biked up red top and found Mcgary road completely closed off as in fenced off all around. I was pretty bummed because I just wanted to complete the trip. SO instead I called my gf and told her to pick me up at the Jack in the Box. I would bike that trip again if mcgary road is open. Maybe next time I will just drive to Red top and bike to fairfield and back.

23.6 MILES

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