Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Another day at the beach...

The waves were very good today! It wasn't ferocious though. Some of the sets came in two, just the way I like it here in Carmel. When I say a set of two, that means one swells comes right after the other. So when the first wave crashes, it sets up an easy transition onto the next upcoming wave. This enables me to skim further with a lot of speed. and THANK GOD, there was no other skimmers today. There were a bunch of surfers though. The swells started to pick up around 7PM. I got bored and started to tighten up. So off I went home to a steak dinner! Woo hoo!!

Monday, June 8, 2009


I finally went out today and enjoyed the skim! Today was pretty good with small swells coming in around 5PM. There were 5 other skimboarders out today. I picked my spot on the beack, but then all the other guys flocked to the same area. MAN! STAY IN YOUR AREA! But it was all good after a while. I just hate skimming when its crowded.

I stayed out for about 2 hours or so.

PG to Castroville again!

Monday calls for another long ride. Woke up at 9:30 and finally got out of the house at 10PM. Drove down to pacific street and assembled my bike. There was a cruise ship out on the bay. I could tell there were tourists out in Cannery row because there more people on the bike path than usual. There was just a lot more people walking to Cannery Row from the wharf.

Well, I got to use my bike computer for the first time today. It was really accurate! I reached 31 MPH today going to Marina from Sand City.

I am getting used to the 40 mile distance. I feel I could go further if I am well rested. When I got back today, I felt content with my ride. I bet if I just get a trainer and stay on my bike for a long time, I could go even further on an actual ride.

Nothing really cool happened today. I guess there was an accident during the weekend that sent the car onto the bike path and crashed into the fence near the railroad tracks between Marina and Seaside. I almost ran over a squirrel... thats about it.


43.3 MILES on bike computer

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