Monday, June 8, 2009

PG to Castroville again!

Monday calls for another long ride. Woke up at 9:30 and finally got out of the house at 10PM. Drove down to pacific street and assembled my bike. There was a cruise ship out on the bay. I could tell there were tourists out in Cannery row because there more people on the bike path than usual. There was just a lot more people walking to Cannery Row from the wharf.

Well, I got to use my bike computer for the first time today. It was really accurate! I reached 31 MPH today going to Marina from Sand City.

I am getting used to the 40 mile distance. I feel I could go further if I am well rested. When I got back today, I felt content with my ride. I bet if I just get a trainer and stay on my bike for a long time, I could go even further on an actual ride.

Nothing really cool happened today. I guess there was an accident during the weekend that sent the car onto the bike path and crashed into the fence near the railroad tracks between Marina and Seaside. I almost ran over a squirrel... thats about it.


43.3 MILES on bike computer

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