Thursday, June 4, 2009

Longest ride ever! Pacific Grove to Castroville

I got a late start at 11AM from Pacific Street in Monterey. I did my usual warm up to Lovers Point and stretched at the end. I decided to make my trip to Marina. When I got to the Walmart area, I just said, "fuck it, lets go to Castroville."

I made my way on the bike path. The road parallel to the freeway was scary because truckers drove down the same narrow frontage road. Oncoming trucks were hazardous because one they passed me going the opposite direction, their tailwind was hella strong carrying dirt and rocks. I felt a small rock hit my helmet. So that was pretty bad.

Once I got to Castroville, I stopped there at the 76 gas station just to rest a bit. I was contemplating if I should just go to Moss Landing because the smoke stacks seemed so close. I will go there in a future trip.

One crazy thing happened...I was biking on the path between Seaside and Marina. From afar I could see two "sticks" on the path. Once I got closer, I realized they were two snakes! I couldn't avoid them because I was just bombing down the path. I ended up running them both over. Crazy....




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