Thursday, July 2, 2009

Tennis @ NVC

So I have to write about my tennis experience today. I decided to go out to Napa Valley Colleege and see if I could hit with any of the players around there. I was lucky to find my old dubs partner, tall Paul. We hit for a bit while I tried to get my timing down. I feel so slow because the NVC courts are so fast compared to the AmCan courts which are slow.
Marlon and Marze, the brothers, came to hit today also. We decided to set up our usual doubles game. Back when I used to go the NVC, Paul and I would beat the two is straight sets. So we strated out game...
Paul and I lost the first two sets. We both played backhands compared to our usual forehand-forehand setup. I guess we were just so rusty. I have not hit with higher caliber players in a long time. We decided to play a total of 4 sets with 5th set tiebreaker. Our scores overall was 0-6, 4-6, 6-2, 7-6(8-6), (4-7). I had fun. SO much tennis in one afternoon. I need to step my game up.

The Vallejo-Benicia-Fairfield Loop: INCOMPLETE!!

Well I tried the loop for the first time today. From Valleojo to Benicia was pretty easy. When I hit the end of military road, I kinda did not know where to go. I found Park st. that took me around to Industrial way. That was pretty fun because that road was mostly downhill. I hit 35 MPH on that road. I kept biking to the Cordelia area. OH MY GOD...Between Benicia and Cordelia is like biking in the desert with high winds. You are not able to maintain a steady speed because the gusts of wind are so strong. By the home stretch on the west side of the freeway, I was stuck around 10MPH because the winds were strong. You exert so much energy and you aren't even going that fast. I was running out of energy when I go to Rodriguez high school. I biked up red top and found Mcgary road completely closed off as in fenced off all around. I was pretty bummed because I just wanted to complete the trip. SO instead I called my gf and told her to pick me up at the Jack in the Box. I would bike that trip again if mcgary road is open. Maybe next time I will just drive to Red top and bike to fairfield and back.

23.6 MILES

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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Around Vallejo

First time riding around Vallejo in a while. I felt that I could not get into my clips fast enough today. This was a good trip around town. I just don't really like biking long distances on high traffic roads.


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