Thursday, January 13, 2011

Carmel to Point Lobos State Park

This ride is one of the most scenic rides ever.  I took a ride by Carmel Beach and onto Highway 1.  You pass the Carmel Basilica coming out of Carmel and onto Hwy 1.  Point Lobos is not that far from Carmel.  You have 2 hill sections before you get to the state park.  The ride through the state park is very woodsy.  You run into deer and many squirrels.  I enjoyed the ride and should continue further on Hwy1 on future rides.

This was my first ride on my "new" Giant TCR.  It rides beautifully.  Its pretty stiff and feels very solid.   I received it stock, and I changed the wheelset, seatpost, seat, and stem to fit my reach.  I can't wait to put more miles on this ride.

Start at the Casa de Gomez

Made it to Pt. Lobos.

Closer pic of the new ride...

I am gonna miss this place.

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