Saturday, June 11, 2011

Benicia-Fairfield-Napa-Vallejo Ride

Ride finished in 4hrs 18min

I have always wanted to ride this route.  The route from Vallejo to Benicia is basically downhill.  The only hill was the Georgia Street hill by Hogan High School.  Cruising down Colombus at 30-35mph is always nice.  The ride from Benicia to Cordelia is all flat.  The ride from Cordeila to Napa was a different story.  The road before 121 was a series of small hills.  Once you get on 121, it is all uphill to the top of the range.  That was my first 2.5 mile straight climb at 4% grade.  It kicked my butt with my double on the TCR.  I managed to climb fast and reach the 1100ft summit.  The ride down to Napa was AMAZING!!!  I just remember looking at my speedo and cruising down the windy roads at 30-40 mph. We took a short break at the bottom of the hill on Soscol.  The ride from Napa to Vallejo was very busy with cars.  Hwy 29 is always busy in the afternoon so I managed to ride as far right on the shoulder.

I will do this ride again just to get used to the climbs.  Who wants to join!

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