Monday, January 16, 2012

The freezing ride from Vallejo to Winters

Happy Martin Luther King Day!

I woke up this morning needing some time on the bike after yesterday's quick trip to Carmel for my Nana's birthday.  I had a lot of home cooking and packed on more calories before this ride.  I checked the weather updates and was weary of riding to Winters since it said 42ºF.  I knew it would warm up sometime during the afternoon.  One thing I like about winter riding is that I have to ride during the day so  that means I get to sleep in a bit before the ride.  If I go out to early, I would just freeze.

So I suited up and did 10 minutes on the trainer prior to setting out.  I changed my usual route to Hunter Hill by taking Redwood all the way up to Columbus.  I think it is just better because I get another hill in my ride.  Hunter Hill always kicks my butt and I my goal this year is to gain a 10mph+ average up the hill.  As I came up on over the hill, I felt the breeze and it was CHILLY!  I went out with my cycling shorts with leg tights and Under Armor under the jersey.  I really wish I brought my jacket...  but no turning back!

It was nice and sunny throughout the ride but the wind chill numbed my toes and fingers.  I did not stop at the Safeway in Fairfield this time.  I just kept on going with no stops to Winters.  Throughout the ride, I was really contemplating on heading to Davis after Winters.  I just wanted to ride more and add more base miles.  I completely changed my mind once I got off Pleasant Valley Road and onto Putah Creek.  The wind became colder and I could just feel my sweat on my back give me the chills. It was not very fun to have cold headwind anyway.  I ended my ride at Steady Eddys with a good cup of coffee.  I seriously need foot covers for the winter rides.

I finished the ride in 2 hours and 19 minutes: my second best.

Overall mileage 

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