Saturday, January 7, 2012

Notes from Energy to Burn by Julie Upton

Energy to Burn by Julie Upton

* Suggested body fat for
- Tennis players - 11%
- Road cyclists - 11%

* Resting Metabolic Rate
RMR = 88.36+(4.8 x height in cm)+(13.4 x weight in kg)-(4.33 x age)

67inches to cm=170.18
180lbs to kg = 81.65
age = 24

RMR = 88.36+(4.8 x 170.18)+(13.4 x 81.68) - (4.33 x 24) = 1895.42

RMR x 1.5 = Weight maintenance for light exercises
RMR x 1.8 = Moderately active people
RMR x 2.0  = Exercise over an hour a day
RMR x 2.4 = Weight maintenance for endurance athletes
 -subtract 500 calories to lose 1lb per week
 -subtract 1000 calories to lose 2lb per week

RMR x 2.0
18.95.42 x 2.0 = 3790.84
- 1000 to lose 2 lbs per week
=2790.84 calorie intake

* Tips at losing weight - by top athletes
- No Fad diets
- Find motivators
- Preseason to lose weight - zap calories
- Organize kitchen so healthy meals are visible
- Diet at night - Sleep through the hunger rather than being awake
- Keep food log
- Limit liquid calories
- Get on scale - weekly

- Simple Carbs
Monosaccharides           Disaccharides
Glucose + Glucose  =    Maltose
Glucose + Fructose  =    Sucrose
Glucose + Galactose =   Lactose

- Feed the brain - go grain
 -Eat veggies - 2.5 cups per day

-Energize for exercise - CARBS
 For training days - 2.3-3.2g per body weight(in lbs)

180 x 2.3 = 414g
180 x 3.2 = 576g
          414g-576g of carbs for training days

 For Endurance Athletes - 3.2 - 4.5 per body weight(in lbs)

180 x 3.2 = 576g
180 x 4.5 = 810g
          576g-810g of carbs for endurance days

- Carbs during exercise
 for over an hour - 30-60g every hour
 2-3 hours - 45-90g every hour

 within 30 minutes of finishing exercise - .5g of carbs per body weight(in lbs)
180 x .5 = 90g

* Protein
- How much do you need?
 - Recreational exerciser = .36-.45g per lb
 - Serious resistance = .68-.77 per lb
 - Serious resistance athlete in training = .45-.55g per lb
 - Serious Endurance athlete = .55-.73g per lb
 - Female Athletes = 15% lower than above

Friday, January 6, 2012

69 Miles - Vallejo to Winters then Winters to Davis and back

This was the my first big ride of 2012.  I have been having problems with quad injuries in 2011 and decided I should look over my bike fit.  I went over some articles online and began revising my fit.  Most of it was playing around with the fore/aft movement of the seat and raising the seatpost.  After a couple rides on the trainer, I found a good fit.  This was my first ride out.

When I was riding to Winters, I just felt good with my legs spinning.  There was less pressure on the quads and more power generated by my hamstrings and gluts.  By far, this was my fastest long ride I have ever done.  There was no wind to help me but I feel a good bike fit really works.  I just felt good spinning and keeping a 90-95 cadence.  By the time I got to Winters, I just wanted to keep going.

I headed on to Davis and started to run out of snacks.  By the time I got back to Winters, I had no more gel packs and fluids and felt the bonk coming.  But I made it back before the exhaustion kicked in.

Vallejo to Winters in record time - 2:12.  Previous record - 2:22

Made it back to Winters before sundown.

Overall mileage

Way to break in my new brakes.

Finish the ride with some CHOCOLATE MILK!!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Northern California Echelon Gran Fondo Events - Napa and Palo Alto

Echelon Gran Fondo is a series of European-style mass participation cycling rides (Cyclosportif rides) held on epic courses in destination locations. Echelon fondos are not races but we try to offer the fanfare and frivolity you might see at a European cycling tour including food, wine, and entertainment.

Echelon Challenges are fun charity circuit rides held on the same day and in the same location as our gran fondos. They are casual, fun, family, community-oriented and safe. Emphasis is on charity.


Napa, CA - May 12 , 2012
The May 12 Sonoma/Napa Gran Fondo has an exciting new start this year in downtown Sonoma and will feature one of America’s favorite pro teams to ride alongside of you.  It will be a great weekend to be in northern California with the start of the Amgen Tour of California in Santa Rosa the following day. 

75 Mile Route:

Palo Alto, CA - September 16, 2012

95 Mile Route: