Sunday, January 30, 2011

Vallejo-Benicia-Fairfield/Cordelia Loop!

I thought this trip was going to be longer.  I rode my bike at 3PM knowing I have to get home before 5:30PM or else it is gonna be dark.  Riding to Benicia was easy due to all the down hill terrain on Colombus.  Going to Fairfield from Benicia was actually a struggle because of the headwinds.  I wish I had someone riding with me so we could draft each other throughout the way. Cordelia to Vallejo was pretty gruesome due to the hills on McGary road.  Blasting from the top of the lookout to Vallejo was fun.  I was on my brakes because that hill is just steep.  I rode through Ascot and down on Redwood to avoid all the cars on Adml. Callaghan.  I enjoyed the trip and hope to add more miles to this trip by going to Fairfield.

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