Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Vallejo-Benicia-Martinez-Crockett Loop!

4 cities - 2 bridges

I did not think this trip would be equivalent to the Vallejo-Benicia-Fairfield Loop.  But this ride turned out to be a good challenging ride!  Riding to Martinez was pretty flat.  I got to Martinez and started to go on the Carquinez Scenic Road.  The road is windy and pretty deserted with no cars.  I passed a gate that closes after 5PM.  The roads then seemed unused with a lot of cracks weeds growing on the side.  I approached a 15 feet area where I had to ride on wet dirt next to a cliff.  The roads were wet due to the past rain and shaded area.  The roads then became hilly which gave me a good challenge to keep a steady cadence.  I really liked the terrain because there was some fast downhills then steep uphill climbs. It gave me something different to constant flat then uphill climbs.  Crockett to Vallejo was bearable.  My legs still wanted to go further.

I can't wait to ride this trip on a day where the road is dry.  Now I have a muddy road bike:(

Bike ride-view of vallejo and the strait on Twitpic

My bike ride-view of benicia on Twitpic

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