Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Crippled ride from Vallejo to Steady Eddy's

I had the strangest ride today.  It all started the night before.  I wanted to do an epic ride from Vallejo through Fairfield to Winters, then Winters to Sac then back to Winters.  I ate good and got good nights rest.  So this morning I felt good waking up, but once I stood up I felt a slight twinge in my right upper thigh.  I didn't think anything of it because some mornings that happens.  So I suited up, packed up snacks, and rode off...

Getting out of Vallejo is pretty much hilly going up Redwood and then up Hunter Hill.  You pretty much don't get a good 15 minute spin warmup because of all the hills.  In my mind, I just want to jet up the hill and get it over with.  So I was feeling good until I got to the end of McGary Road.  I felt that twinge come back.  I contemplated going back home but I just wanted to go through with my ride.

I made it to Safeway in North Fairfield for my basic water -up and snack.  After Safeway, you have to jet up Hillborn road.  When I got to the top and flew down the hill, I really felt some slight pain/cramp in my right quad.  I just had to spin it through and rest before I got to Lyon Road.  I took a 20 minute break to stretch it out.  After I felt ok and just told myself I just have to take it easy and get through to Winters.

On my way Winters on Pleasant Valley Rd, I get a big pinch in my right leg above my knee.  The pain just went from my thigh to and into my knee.  It felt like the ligament/tendon that attaches to my muscle to my knee was really stressed.  I rested up and at some point, just did left single leg spin workout.

But I finally made it to Winters.  I had the courage to keep going north a bit to get more miles in, but the pain kept coming back.  I came right back to rest the bum right leg.

Cool day in Winters

The famous bathroom at the park.  Where all cyclists stop to take a leak.

Time to get some FOOOD!!

Enjoy my BBQ Chicken Panini at Steady Eddy's in Winters.

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