Thursday, December 15, 2011

Time for a new chainring

I have been searching for a new FSA 50t chainring for a while now.  The only place where I think I could get it cheap was eBay.  So one day while I was browsing, I found a new chainring for sale for $30.  I hurried and jumped on the deal.  Less than a week later, it came.  The install was easy.  I even got to find the creaking noise on my BB.  My BB was just not on tight.

Old and new chainring:

There were 2 chipped teeth on my original one.

New look:

The new FSA chainring had the Cannondale logo on it.  I think I will just rub that off later.  The only difference was weight.  The new chainring was 125g as compared to the original 98g.  I picked up an extra 20g+.  O well, I just really need to lose more weight:)

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