Friday, December 16, 2011

Unboxing the Exustar PR100P Keo type pedals

I am finally making the switch to Keo style pedals.  This is the first set of pedals I received from my online bike shopping spree.  These Exustar PR100P pedals came nicely in a black box.

EPS-R = Exustar Pedaling System
Open them up and this is what you find.
One pedal is 127g.
Both pedals - 254g.

I have yet to install them on one of my bikes.  I am pretty excited to start using Keo type pedals.  All the other roadies look at me funny when they see small SPD clip ins on my bike.  I am guessing the only difference is that I will be able to clip in and out faster.  I look forward to that with all the stop and go at stop lights around town.

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