Friday, December 16, 2011

Unboxing the Exustar PR100P Keo type pedals

I am finally making the switch to Keo style pedals.  This is the first set of pedals I received from my online bike shopping spree.  These Exustar PR100P pedals came nicely in a black box.

EPS-R = Exustar Pedaling System
Open them up and this is what you find.
One pedal is 127g.
Both pedals - 254g.

I have yet to install them on one of my bikes.  I am pretty excited to start using Keo type pedals.  All the other roadies look at me funny when they see small SPD clip ins on my bike.  I am guessing the only difference is that I will be able to clip in and out faster.  I look forward to that with all the stop and go at stop lights around town.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Time for a new chainring

I have been searching for a new FSA 50t chainring for a while now.  The only place where I think I could get it cheap was eBay.  So one day while I was browsing, I found a new chainring for sale for $30.  I hurried and jumped on the deal.  Less than a week later, it came.  The install was easy.  I even got to find the creaking noise on my BB.  My BB was just not on tight.

Old and new chainring:

There were 2 chipped teeth on my original one.

New look:

The new FSA chainring had the Cannondale logo on it.  I think I will just rub that off later.  The only difference was weight.  The new chainring was 125g as compared to the original 98g.  I picked up an extra 20g+.  O well, I just really need to lose more weight:)

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Out to Benicia!

I can't believe the weather is holding up in December. It was very calm with 0mph winds:)  It was a typical ride through Vallejo.  Nobody ever likes to give you extra room when you are riding on the side of the road...grrr!!

View from the west parking lot at Benicia State Park.

But...but...we love Benicia State Park!!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Winters-Davis-Sac and back

51 Miles in 2:52

I came with my girlfriend to work in Winters in the morning.  I slept in the car for a little bit because it was too cold to ride at 8AM.  I finally started my ride around 10AM.  There were a some cyclists riding towards Winters while I was riding to Davis.  Putah Creek Road is such a isolate road.  I think it is one of my least favorite road to ride by yourself with no music.

I just like how bike friendly it is in this area.  Theres always bike paths and a lot of space on the side of the road.

Just got to Sac!

Overall mileage!

Sea Otter Classic Gran Fondo - April 21, 2012

Sea Otter Classic Gran Fondo
April 21, 2012

The 2012 Sea Otter Classic will offer three Gran Fondo routes—two road route options and one mountain bike route:
Carmel Valley Route - 96 miles
Coastal Route - 49.3 miles
Mountain Bike Route - 20.2 miles


Diablo Century - April 15, 2012

Diablo Century
April 15, 2012

Mark your calendars for the 4th Annual Diablo Century. Join 750 cycling friends for an unforgettable century! The Diablo Century offers beautiful scenery and a memorable, healthy day for everyone! Choose from our Century, Metric, and 25-mile routes.

Route Description
Century (100-Mile) Route
Our Century route follows the Metric route (see below for description) but finishes with a jaunt to Castro Valley, followed by a climb up Redwood Road to Moraga and then back to the JCC. The elevation gain is 6,550 feet.

Metric (100-K) Route (62 miles)
The Metric route takes you out to the spectacular backside of Mt. Diablo via Clayton and the Morgan Territory, gaining over 3,000 feet as you ride. Spectacular views await you as you climb to one of the peaks of the hills of the Tri-Valley. Descend into Livermore and return via Danville and scenic Blackhawk.

25-Mile Route
The 25-mile route takes you through the scenic hills of Danville and Alamo to the foot of Mt. Diablo and back. The elevation gain is 499 feet. This is the perfect ride for the casual recreational cyclist.

New ride... the orange Galaxy

Finally got to ride the converted steel bike.  New wheelset, 40/15 gearing, and new chain.  Now I need some bar tape.  Tennis grip will do for now...

Just got to American Canyon to check out the ride.  The Garmin is perfect for this bike.  I know my cadence is around 90rpm when I am going 18mph.

I got home fast...brakes broke:(  For a good 2 miles, I was riding brakeless...on a single speed.  scary!