Monday, January 9, 2012

New spoke, new cassette ride before sundown

I put on a couple things on my bike today.  I got $1 spokes from the local bike shop, Authorized, to fix Fuzion F1s I broke the other day.  So I slapped that on and did a little minor truing of the front and rear wheel.  I recently won a 12-17 cassette on eBay so I decided to put that on also.  So I went off for a short ride before sundown...  I hate how sundown is at 5PM.

I had to get used to the gearing since I was missing that 18t cog.  I think that was my sweet spot cog.  So either you have to get little bogged down on a 17t or spin on a 19t.  Other than that, I am happy to have one more gear when I climb hills.

Thats another thing....I need to start climbing more.  Maybe Hunter hill repeats in the future or just keep riding Mt. Diablo.

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