Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Vallejo to Napa and up Soda Canyon

It was very nice, sunny Wednesday morning in Vallejo.  I better take advantage of all this sunshine we are getting in the area.  I did not want a long or too short ride so I decided to take a trek to Napa.  Initially I was just going to ride to Yountville, but I got sidetracked.

Going to Napa was pretty nice.  Hwy 29 from American Canyon to Napa is tricky.  You could just go all the way through 29 but there is a lot of traffic and trucks whizzing by you at 60+ mph.  So I took the frontage road through the flea market area.  It seems hwy 29 is never cleaned or maintained because there is a lot of glass and rough patches throughout the ride.  I felt good cruising at 20+ mph.  I think my average from Vallejo to Napa was 20 mph.

As I rode through Silverado trail, I saw the sign for Soda Canyon.  I've always wanted to see what was up there since I heard about it from another friend and the Napa River Velo suggested it as a good climb.  So I diverted my route up Soda Canyon.

Initially the ride was fine.  It was good climbing and medium range hills.  I think it got steep after the narrow bridge.  It became wicked steep...  I guess I am not used to climbing because I had to take breaks every 5 minutes or so to catch my breath.  I didn't realize til after the ride when I checked my Garmin that it was 15%+ grade.  It made me wish I had a triple on my bike but my 34/27 gear made it possible.

I kept going all the way to the end to the winery entrance.  It felt good to finally ride up that way.  I think I will try to come this way more often and try to beat my time.  The ride back to Vallejo was fine with moderate traffic going through American Canyon.

When I finally got home, I had low pressure in my rear tire.  I guess there was a slow leak.  I suspect glass...  I hope Caltrans could clear the side of the road once in a while:)

Goin on up... I pass the volunteer fire station.

Getting steep!!

The view!

This was the steep part.

Getting higher

Finally made it to the...

The entrance to the Antica winery

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