Monday, April 30, 2012

Vallejo to St. Helena

Headed out on an adventure ride to Napa.  I headed out of Vallejo in the morning.  At first, I just wanted to go to Yountville, but the fun began when I passed American Canyon.  I felt like I was on a roll!  I was speeding through AmCan, then through Napa.  I felt good on Silverado Trail climbing up the rollers on the big gear.  I came up to the Yountville crossing road and I decided to just pass it and head to Rutherford.  I stopped on Silverado just to find my way, but just kept blasting through to Rutherford.  I finally made it to Rutherford in a new PR 30.25miles@21.4mph.

I felt like I could go further so I headed to St. Helena on HWY29.  I stopped at the gas station at St. Helena just to refuel and get a snack.  It was a bit toasty out and I just had to relax in the shade for a bit.  I headed back to Napa on Silverado instead of 29.  Hwy29 just scares me sometimes because of the afternoon traffic.  Plus, I hate crossing over to Yountville when I am heading south on Hwy29.  On Silverado I came across 3 dead snakes, one dead skunk, and 2 dead squirrels.  I was able to see a deer relaxing in the brush near the side of the road.  There just more to see on Silverado Trail:)

I got to Napa and had to refuel again.  I found the 35 cent watering hole.  I swear those machines are not just for people filling up those big containers but for waterless cyclists!  I then headed back to Vallejo on my usual route.  This is where the wind always kills me and my time.  I had crazy headwind from Napa Valley College all the way to north Vallejo.  I just had to tuck and keeps spinning.

I made it to Vallejo well under five hours which included all the stops.  I now have a nice tanline on my legs and arms.  I always enjoy going north towards Napa because of the scenery.  My next goal is to go to Calistoga and add a climb up to Atlas peak or Soda Canyon.


First stop, Rutherford Grill.

Endured the rough pavement and got to St. Helena.

On the way back, I found a refill station...for .35 cents!
Dark legs

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