Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Esparto-Winters-Davis with Andrew

I had Andrew to keep me company for this ride.  We had to make it to Davis in the afternoon for the farmers market!  Before heading out, we planned a route from Esparto to Woodland then to Davis.  We had to change our route because I forgot my helmet in my girlfriends car:(  So we had to make a trip to Winters to get the helmet before heading out to Davis.

We made a cruise on over to Winters at an medium pace.  There was a slight headwind on the road to Winters.  After grabbing my helmet, We made our way to Davis.  This is where we picked up the pace.  We started cruising at 18mph decreased our pace at the wide open roads where there is not trees to block the wind.  We ended up having a 17+mph average which was still good.  We enjoyed the rest of the day having a picnic at the Downtown Farmers Market.

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