Friday, May 11, 2012


Today was Bike to Work Day for Sacramento with a Bikefest at the Capitol.  I mapped out a new route out of Esparto to Sacramento.  It wasn't recommended by GoogleMaps, but decided to take it even though there was not actual bike lanes.  Plus, there has to be a better way to get to Sac rather than going south to Davis then on over.  This route was more direct heading west then south to Sacramento.

I made the usual way to Woodland from Esparto.  I just kept going into Woodland until I got to the community college.  I headed north until I got to Main Street then headed east.  That road takes you all the way to Sacramento running parallel to the American River.  It was a great ride on Old River road because there was good wind coming from the North.  There would be times I would just get out of my seat and sprint to reach 30mph and try to cruise in the 25-30mph range.  That just zipped me on over to Sac.

Once I made it to the Capitol Bikefest, I found my buddy Chris and took advantage of the free snacks and ice cream.  I also picked up a free shirt for the May is Bike Month campaign.  After hanging out there for a bit, we road towards Arden Mall and went south on Howe to have lunch at Panera Bread.  We parted ways as I had to go back to Davis.  I headed back downtown on H Street and eventually found my way back to the Capitol where I am more familiarized with the area.  The ride to Davis was bearable with a crosswind.  The only thing that gets me when I ride in this area is the dry air and sun when there are no clouds to take shade under.  I made it to Davis burned a good amount of calories.

Bikefest 2012 in Sacramento

TCR in Davis

Got my free shirt!

Overall mileage!

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