Wednesday, May 9, 2012

FAST Vallejo to Winters

Another favorite ride of mine just because it is routine and I always try to beat my time.  I have not ridden the TCR to Winters in a while so having the standard compact helped me achieve a new PR!  There was no need to explain the route, but there were a couple things I did differently.  First, I did not try to PR up Hunter Hill.  I decided to just spin my way up instead of getting out of the saddle and try to reach the top as fast as I can.  Then on Pleasant Valley Road, I just stayed on my big gear the whole time.  I was probably on 53/25 going uphill on the rollers.  Then towards the end of the ride on Putah Creek, I tried to keep up with a fit woman on a SWorks that passed me.  I didn't draft her, but I know she knew I tried to stay on her all the way into Winters.  She kept looking back if I was still there. haha.  We parted ways at the bridge and I got a mouthful from this ghetto looking kid in a passenger seat about not using the bike bridge.  Man...I was following a truck at 20mph so I was not in the way.  You would still have to wait behind it.  "YOU IS TRIPPIN!!" haha.

Boom...2 hours and 8 minutes.

One of the reasons I love Winters.

Wattah toowah!!

In support of the week's Tour of California!

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