Friday, May 11, 2012


Today was Bike to Work Day for Sacramento with a Bikefest at the Capitol.  I mapped out a new route out of Esparto to Sacramento.  It wasn't recommended by GoogleMaps, but decided to take it even though there was not actual bike lanes.  Plus, there has to be a better way to get to Sac rather than going south to Davis then on over.  This route was more direct heading west then south to Sacramento.

I made the usual way to Woodland from Esparto.  I just kept going into Woodland until I got to the community college.  I headed north until I got to Main Street then headed east.  That road takes you all the way to Sacramento running parallel to the American River.  It was a great ride on Old River road because there was good wind coming from the North.  There would be times I would just get out of my seat and sprint to reach 30mph and try to cruise in the 25-30mph range.  That just zipped me on over to Sac.

Once I made it to the Capitol Bikefest, I found my buddy Chris and took advantage of the free snacks and ice cream.  I also picked up a free shirt for the May is Bike Month campaign.  After hanging out there for a bit, we road towards Arden Mall and went south on Howe to have lunch at Panera Bread.  We parted ways as I had to go back to Davis.  I headed back downtown on H Street and eventually found my way back to the Capitol where I am more familiarized with the area.  The ride to Davis was bearable with a crosswind.  The only thing that gets me when I ride in this area is the dry air and sun when there are no clouds to take shade under.  I made it to Davis burned a good amount of calories.

Bikefest 2012 in Sacramento

TCR in Davis

Got my free shirt!

Overall mileage!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

FAST Vallejo to Winters

Another favorite ride of mine just because it is routine and I always try to beat my time.  I have not ridden the TCR to Winters in a while so having the standard compact helped me achieve a new PR!  There was no need to explain the route, but there were a couple things I did differently.  First, I did not try to PR up Hunter Hill.  I decided to just spin my way up instead of getting out of the saddle and try to reach the top as fast as I can.  Then on Pleasant Valley Road, I just stayed on my big gear the whole time.  I was probably on 53/25 going uphill on the rollers.  Then towards the end of the ride on Putah Creek, I tried to keep up with a fit woman on a SWorks that passed me.  I didn't draft her, but I know she knew I tried to stay on her all the way into Winters.  She kept looking back if I was still there. haha.  We parted ways at the bridge and I got a mouthful from this ghetto looking kid in a passenger seat about not using the bike bridge.  Man...I was following a truck at 20mph so I was not in the way.  You would still have to wait behind it.  "YOU IS TRIPPIN!!" haha.

Boom...2 hours and 8 minutes.

One of the reasons I love Winters.

Wattah toowah!!

In support of the week's Tour of California!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Vallejo-Benicia-Suisun-Fairfield ride

I am back on the TCR since the Felt is broken. I wanted to add more miles to my regular loop route and discover a new roads.  I have always wanted to go to Suisun from Cordelia so that was my new route of the day.  The route out of Vallejo to Benicia and up to Cordelia was routine.  I took Lopes road from the Industrial area for a change.  I was always discouraged to take that route because of higher traffic and cars like to go fast on that road.  Lopes is actually pleasant because of the smoother road.  I took that right onto Cordelia Road which takes me right into Suisun.  I did not realize how narrow that road was.  Luckily there wasn't that many cars/trucks that morning.  I had to stop at the railroad crossing because there was a train moving back and fourth over the road.  I seriously had to wait a good 15 minutes.  O well...more rest time.

I got into Suisun with no problems.  I stood out at the waterfront to take some pics and find a route back into Fairfield.  Luckily, I just road and found a pedestrian overpass that took me in right behind the court offices.  I wanted to stop into Ray's Bike shop but they were still closed.  I made my way back home to Vallejo passing through Cordelia again and making the same route up McGary and down AmCan Road.  I wish they cleaned up American Canyon road soon.  There is a whole bunch of brush that protrudes onto the shoulder.

After this ride, I will only take Cordelia Road in the morning.  It would be scared to have big trucks pass me on that road.  Other than that, it was a good 50 mile ride.


Suisun Waterfront
Overall time