Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Found CycleOps Fluid Trainer!

I picked up a new toy to add to my cycling training.  I looked it up on the Cycleops site and it is not the newest Fluid2, but the one before it.  I had to do some lubing of the screws and tighting bolts to get it back into good shape.  I tested it out with my TCR and so for so good.  I just need to get the Spinerval training videos!

I can have a spinning class in my own home now!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Respiratory Muscle Fatigue setback

This past week I could feel a little development of a sore throat.  I was not sure what it is because my my throat was not actually sore but felt irritated.  Then I had a little shortness of breath in the evenings when my heart rate was resting.  It kind of felt like someone was sitting on my chest.  I had no fever, no major sore throat, no cold, and no other funny feelings.  It was just when I breathe.  Could it be thatI was developing asthma?!?  I looked around online and found respiratory muscle fatigue.  Basically, the hard breathing from all the exercise during the past two weeks was getting to me.  I also feel the air inland California is just dry and dirty from all the dirt/dust blowing around.  I was just in the middle of it riding through country roads.  

So it is time to give me body a rest...


Friday, May 18, 2012

Esparto-Winters-Davis-Winters Ride

Made the same back and fourth ride from Esparto to Winters, then to Davis and back.  I had a PR for 15miles @ 23.6mph going to Winters.  I was really trying to get up to 24mph but that was tough.  I made my way to Davis then came back before 4pm.  Once I got back to Winters, my spoke in front wheel popped.  I am pissed because this is my third spoke I broke in the front wheel of the Fuzions.  I think its time for a new wheelset.

Next time I will bring my tennis racket.

DANG IT!!!!  Another broken spoke!

Overall mileage.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Esparto-Winters-Davis with Andrew

I had Andrew to keep me company for this ride.  We had to make it to Davis in the afternoon for the farmers market!  Before heading out, we planned a route from Esparto to Woodland then to Davis.  We had to change our route because I forgot my helmet in my girlfriends car:(  So we had to make a trip to Winters to get the helmet before heading out to Davis.

We made a cruise on over to Winters at an medium pace.  There was a slight headwind on the road to Winters.  After grabbing my helmet, We made our way to Davis.  This is where we picked up the pace.  We started cruising at 18mph decreased our pace at the wide open roads where there is not trees to block the wind.  We ended up having a 17+mph average which was still good.  We enjoyed the rest of the day having a picnic at the Downtown Farmers Market.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Vallejo to Winters fast ride

Well I almost beat my PR...  This was my second best ride to Winters!

Friday, May 11, 2012


Today was Bike to Work Day for Sacramento with a Bikefest at the Capitol.  I mapped out a new route out of Esparto to Sacramento.  It wasn't recommended by GoogleMaps, but decided to take it even though there was not actual bike lanes.  Plus, there has to be a better way to get to Sac rather than going south to Davis then on over.  This route was more direct heading west then south to Sacramento.

I made the usual way to Woodland from Esparto.  I just kept going into Woodland until I got to the community college.  I headed north until I got to Main Street then headed east.  That road takes you all the way to Sacramento running parallel to the American River.  It was a great ride on Old River road because there was good wind coming from the North.  There would be times I would just get out of my seat and sprint to reach 30mph and try to cruise in the 25-30mph range.  That just zipped me on over to Sac.

Once I made it to the Capitol Bikefest, I found my buddy Chris and took advantage of the free snacks and ice cream.  I also picked up a free shirt for the May is Bike Month campaign.  After hanging out there for a bit, we road towards Arden Mall and went south on Howe to have lunch at Panera Bread.  We parted ways as I had to go back to Davis.  I headed back downtown on H Street and eventually found my way back to the Capitol where I am more familiarized with the area.  The ride to Davis was bearable with a crosswind.  The only thing that gets me when I ride in this area is the dry air and sun when there are no clouds to take shade under.  I made it to Davis burned a good amount of calories.

Bikefest 2012 in Sacramento

TCR in Davis

Got my free shirt!

Overall mileage!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

FAST Vallejo to Winters

Another favorite ride of mine just because it is routine and I always try to beat my time.  I have not ridden the TCR to Winters in a while so having the standard compact helped me achieve a new PR!  There was no need to explain the route, but there were a couple things I did differently.  First, I did not try to PR up Hunter Hill.  I decided to just spin my way up instead of getting out of the saddle and try to reach the top as fast as I can.  Then on Pleasant Valley Road, I just stayed on my big gear the whole time.  I was probably on 53/25 going uphill on the rollers.  Then towards the end of the ride on Putah Creek, I tried to keep up with a fit woman on a SWorks that passed me.  I didn't draft her, but I know she knew I tried to stay on her all the way into Winters.  She kept looking back if I was still there. haha.  We parted ways at the bridge and I got a mouthful from this ghetto looking kid in a passenger seat about not using the bike bridge.  Man...I was following a truck at 20mph so I was not in the way.  You would still have to wait behind it.  "YOU IS TRIPPIN!!" haha.

Boom...2 hours and 8 minutes.

One of the reasons I love Winters.

Wattah toowah!!

In support of the week's Tour of California!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Vallejo-Benicia-Suisun-Fairfield ride

I am back on the TCR since the Felt is broken. I wanted to add more miles to my regular loop route and discover a new roads.  I have always wanted to go to Suisun from Cordelia so that was my new route of the day.  The route out of Vallejo to Benicia and up to Cordelia was routine.  I took Lopes road from the Industrial area for a change.  I was always discouraged to take that route because of higher traffic and cars like to go fast on that road.  Lopes is actually pleasant because of the smoother road.  I took that right onto Cordelia Road which takes me right into Suisun.  I did not realize how narrow that road was.  Luckily there wasn't that many cars/trucks that morning.  I had to stop at the railroad crossing because there was a train moving back and fourth over the road.  I seriously had to wait a good 15 minutes.  O well...more rest time.

I got into Suisun with no problems.  I stood out at the waterfront to take some pics and find a route back into Fairfield.  Luckily, I just road and found a pedestrian overpass that took me in right behind the court offices.  I wanted to stop into Ray's Bike shop but they were still closed.  I made my way back home to Vallejo passing through Cordelia again and making the same route up McGary and down AmCan Road.  I wish they cleaned up American Canyon road soon.  There is a whole bunch of brush that protrudes onto the shoulder.

After this ride, I will only take Cordelia Road in the morning.  It would be scared to have big trucks pass me on that road.  Other than that, it was a good 50 mile ride.


Suisun Waterfront
Overall time

Friday, May 4, 2012


Another new day to try a different route in the area.  I rode from Esparto to Woodland, then to Davis and end in Winters.  The ride from Esparto to Woodland was a new route to me.  You still pass through endless farmland and over HWY505.  There is an area in between Woodland and Esparto where you have smooth roads passing through a neighborhood.  After you pass the neighborhood, you get back onto rough roads.  Once you get to Woodland, your suddenly back to regular car traffic.

I made a quick stop at Foys Bike shop to get a quick pump up to 120psi and to find the best way to Davis.  I talked with Tom about local rides and the shop.  I had a quick snack and off I went to Davis.  The lone road to Davis was nice because there was an actual bike path.  There was a crosswind which made me have to tuck most of the way and just spin the legs.  I got to Davis and made a stop at the Downtown park before heading to Winters.  The ride from Davis to Winters was a usual ride for me.  I just got a little more headwind.

The past couple rides starting all the way back from the Sea Otter Classic Gran Fondo my Felt has been having some creaking noises from the bottom bracket.  I had to ask the mechanic at the Gran Fondo to tighten bolts but it still made creaking noise when I put power on the pedals.  This ride I had to endure the creaking noise the whole time.  Once I got to the outskirts of Winters, there was a big screeching noise that suddenly came from my bottom bracket.  Something totally failed in there.  I am glad it happened just towards the end of the ride.  I had to pedal into Winters with a screeching/crunching sound.

At home, I took off my Power Pro bottom bracket to find I demolished it.  The small balls from the bearing came out and it seemed like some of the other balls were missing.  It just didn't look complete.  I tried shoving the balls back into place and putting it back together but there was still a little resistance when turning the BB back and fourth.  So new bottom bracket for me...

All I need for a epic training day.

The only snacks I have left.

Out in the middle of nowhere between Esparto and Woodland.

First stop is Foys in Woodland.  I just need some air and directions to Davis.

They do have a nice repair department.

Made it to Davis, but no Farmers Market.

Final stop to Winters...with a broken bottom bracket.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Esparto-Winters-Davis-Sac Ride

I finally get some free time to ride out of Esparto.  I always debate on where to go in this area.  It's so flat that you don't have any problem getting to any neighboring towns.  One thing you have to watch is the wind.  North/south wind is always nice but east/west wind is brutal.  I decided to make my way to Sacramento by going through Winters first then Davis.  The roads from Esparto to Winters is bumpy but clear.  You occasionally get a big truck that passes you on the country road.  Heading south with a tailwind is just a dream.

I got to Winters and had a quick meal before heading out to Sacramento.  Putah Creek is a nice ride and you do see a lot of cyclists.  Sometimes you pass some and sometimes others pass you.  It is the main thoroughfare from Winters to Davis.  From Davis to Sacramento, you have to take the causeway.  Whenever I am on there, it feels like it is never ending.  You just have to keep pedaling and watch the high-rises in Sacramento come closer to you.

Once in Sac, I headed around town.  First, the Capitol then old downtown Sac.  I refueled at a water fountain and made my way back to Davis.  The weather was warm but not scorching hot.  This was a solid ride to get some base miles.

Historic Tower Bridge

The Capitol!

Old Downtown Sac

Let's take a break..

The drive home from Davis

Monday, April 30, 2012

Vallejo to St. Helena

Headed out on an adventure ride to Napa.  I headed out of Vallejo in the morning.  At first, I just wanted to go to Yountville, but the fun began when I passed American Canyon.  I felt like I was on a roll!  I was speeding through AmCan, then through Napa.  I felt good on Silverado Trail climbing up the rollers on the big gear.  I came up to the Yountville crossing road and I decided to just pass it and head to Rutherford.  I stopped on Silverado just to find my way, but just kept blasting through to Rutherford.  I finally made it to Rutherford in a new PR 30.25miles@21.4mph.

I felt like I could go further so I headed to St. Helena on HWY29.  I stopped at the gas station at St. Helena just to refuel and get a snack.  It was a bit toasty out and I just had to relax in the shade for a bit.  I headed back to Napa on Silverado instead of 29.  Hwy29 just scares me sometimes because of the afternoon traffic.  Plus, I hate crossing over to Yountville when I am heading south on Hwy29.  On Silverado I came across 3 dead snakes, one dead skunk, and 2 dead squirrels.  I was able to see a deer relaxing in the brush near the side of the road.  There just more to see on Silverado Trail:)

I got to Napa and had to refuel again.  I found the 35 cent watering hole.  I swear those machines are not just for people filling up those big containers but for waterless cyclists!  I then headed back to Vallejo on my usual route.  This is where the wind always kills me and my time.  I had crazy headwind from Napa Valley College all the way to north Vallejo.  I just had to tuck and keeps spinning.

I made it to Vallejo well under five hours which included all the stops.  I now have a nice tanline on my legs and arms.  I always enjoy going north towards Napa because of the scenery.  My next goal is to go to Calistoga and add a climb up to Atlas peak or Soda Canyon.


First stop, Rutherford Grill.

Endured the rough pavement and got to St. Helena.

On the way back, I found a refill station...for .35 cents!
Dark legs

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Vallejo-Benicia-Cordelia Loop with Chris

This was my first back to back ride in a while.  I am usually scared of my cramping legs but It hasn't hit me in a while.  My buddy Chris called me up since he was in town and wanted to go for a ride.  So always, a good 30 mile ride is the Vallejo-Benicia-Cordelia loop.  I left my house and went to the Starbucks near Rose Dr. where we both started the ride.  We started off pretty fast heading over to Cordelia.  I had a front flat on the overpass going to Cordelia.  Coming back into Vallejo, we rode up Mcgary and Hunter Hill.  We split paths at Springs just before sundown.

Chris at the top of Hunter Hill

Getting some cramps...

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

AmCan and Vallejo Spin

This ride was the first time back on the bike since the Sea Otter Classic.  I really felt good after my 96 mile ride as compared to the Livestrong ride I did last year.  I think it was due to my proper setup of my bike.  Most of the time recovering from long rides were because of my quads cramps.  Now I do not have them anymore.  Woohoo!!  So I enjoyed a good spin around town.

Out at the Waterfront

Monday, April 23, 2012

2012 Sea Otter Classic Photos

I have a great time walking around the expo and looking at the new products of the industry.  Here are the photos from the whole weekend.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

2012 Sea Otter Gran Fondo - 96 miles in the books!!

Time has finally come for the big Sea Otter Gran Fondo.  Going into the ride, I felt pretty intimidated because of all the climbing.  But I felt I trained properly by hitting the hills of Napa.  So onto the ride... there was about 360 riders doing the long gran fondo.  The first 5 miles were climbing out of Laguna Seca area.  Descending down to the flats, I witnessed a wicked crash.  I believe a guy leaned off too far and headed parallel into a ditch.  As he was trying to stop, he went over his handlebars and flipped a couple times.  I was not able to stop to help because there was a big pack behind me.  So I just kept going.  The last section to the flats was pretty scary because it was mostly gravel.  You had to find a path that seemed to have a harder pavement under the gravel.  We then made it to the flats passing the fields of growing produce.

The first rest stop is usually packed with people getting food and having a bathroom break.  So my goal is to just hit the bathroom and go so I can beat the bigger groups to the second stop.  In the flats, I pretty much drafted from group to group until I found a faster pack to stick with.  I pretty much stayed with a group of 4 people going 18-20mph until the second stop.  Second to third stop was hill climbing.  I was by myself most of the time but always talking to people I pass or people who pass me.  Third stop was just water on the way to the summit.  I endured two cramps going up to the summit.  I refueled on the 4th stop just at the top of Mt. Cahoon.

Downhill from the summit was fun with twisty, secluded roads.  I ended up following a guy from the third to fourth stop.  This stopped me from going too hard on the flats because thats what I tend to do when I am by myself.  The 4th and last stop was at the Laureles Lodge.  They had a pool open to those who wanted to take a dunk before the last climb.  After that stop, it was a short but STEEPER climb up the Laureles Grade. That hill killed my legs.  I felt I could keep going, but the cramps made me stop 3 times going up. There was a steep downhill section before heading to the flats.  I pumped my brakes heading down, but ended up going no brakes half the way down. Before going back into Laguna Seca, there were 5 sets of rolling hills. Those killed my legs again.  I ended up finishing in 97 out of 360 people and 5th in my 25-30yr old male category.

I am pretty happy with my results and the ride organization.  The stops had a lot of good food including bananas, PB&J, cookies, gel packs, food bars, and Heed drink.  

The car is full on the way down to Monterey.

The entry band for the Expo and Athletes.

Pickup my packet.

Bathroom break before lining up.

All set!!

The finishers medal.